Case Study 3 – Medialis differentiated Incobotulinum toxin within the botulinum toxin class

The botulinum toxin (BoNT-A) market comprised three main products.

The aesthetics indication was somewhat limited to the glabellar lines for all. The glabella was one of a possible 10 areas of the face that were currently being treated.

Promotion was limited due to regulatory constraints and there was a commonly held feeling that all three BoNTA’s were equivalent in efficacy and safety.


In a primarily privately funded sector, the key to understanding if there were any differences between the three toxins was to link this to the cost of treatment. A cost calculator was planned along with a real world evidence generating study.

Asset Generation

A cost calculator was published on the SmPC data to provide a cost impact of a treatment of 100 patients using either single use vials, or a vial sharing approach. This was published in the Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

The largest real world evidence generating program in BoNTA was developed and run using an online data collection tool. The 3500 episode data cut was published in the Journal of Aesthetic Medicine.


The data was presented at international meetings and online presentations.

The following claims were generated:

  • Incobotulinum toxin a has been shown to have a shorter onset of action, longer duration of action, higher satisfaction and lower rate of adverse events than abobotulinum toxin a and onabotulinum toxin a.