Case Study 6 – Medialis successfully differentiated AZ (QW) GLP-1 within the GLP-1 class

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are responsible for the selection of appropriate treatment for their patients.

For patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), many diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) are able to make informed decisions about whether oral and injectable diabetes medications are suitable for their patients. Within each class of anti-diabetic drug, assessment of characteristics and relative risk benefit informs this treatment decision. HCPs should discuss with their patients the potential benefits and risks of each treatment to allow each individual to make an informed decision about their therapy. The choice of treatment depends on both the HCP’s and patient’s preference for certain characteristics, such as clinical (i.e. efficacy and safety) and non-clinical factors (i.e. mode and frequency of administration).

In the case of Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor analogues (GLP-1s) there are a number of members of the class each with differing clinical and non-clinical characteristics. The challenge here was to differentiate on characteristics that both the DSN and patient would prefer.


Medialis devised a method to construct the ‘optimal’ characteristics of a GLP-1 given a range of characteristics from real products. These were presented to type 2 diabetic patients about to start a GLP-1 and were asked what they would consider optimal for themselves. The same questionnaire was shown to 50 DSNs who were asked what they felt would be optimal characteristics for their patients.

Asset Generation

A Discrete Choice Experiment was conducted in 100 type 2 diabetic patients and 50 diabetic specialist nurses. The ideal characteristics were then mapped to existing products to identify the ‘best fit’.

DSN, diabetes specialist nurse.
Base: All patients (N=101); all DSNs (N=52).

Overall preferences for each individual characteristic listed:

Mapping of existing products to those characteristics of the ‘ideal’ product for both patients and DSNs above:

Claims generated by this asset:

  • AZ (QW) GLP-1 was the only product that mapped to the ideal GLP-1 for both Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Patients.

  • AZ (QW) GLP-1 was the product whose characteristics best matched those of the ‘Ideal GLP-1’ for patients questioned

  • AZ (QW) GLP-1 was the product whose characteristics best matched those of the ‘Ideal GLP-1’ for DSNs questioned

Medialis therefore successfully differentiated AZ (QW) GLP-1 within the GLP-1 class.