Medialis will support and guide your company in the launching of a successful product.

Medialis launching pipeline ensures a cooperative, fast-paced,  and  outstanding process and delivery

Launch excellence tailored for each market and medicine

Our framework for launching is adaptable can be tailored to different market and products:

1-Different and better medicine in a top area, 25 percent of launches involves drugs that are strongly differentiated from competing products and treat diseases with a high perceived burden (McKinsey analysis 2014).

2- Different in a crowded area. Half of launches are of moderately differentiated products in well-established disease areas, and the priority is to find a way to stand out from the crowd (McKinsey analysis 2014). 

3-New category. 15 percent of launches, the priority will be to establish unmet needs effectively to ensure access to a well-differentiated treatment for a targeted population (McKinsey analysis 2014).

4- Undifferentiated product in an unestablished market. 8 percent of launches will face the substantial challenge of launching an undifferentiated product in an unestablished disease area (McKinsey analysis 2014).

Medialis can identify what decisions must be made for your product launch, we can guide you from the road map generation, quality standards, resource benchmarks to ensure the successful execution of those decisions.

Medialis can help on selecting, training, and motivating the extended launch team and fostering a culture and management style that delivers great launches.

Medialis helps you find unmet needs in a disease area, develop customer insight as a basis for a truly differentiated positioning, land the products safely in the market, maximize launch uptake, and use early experiences in the market to fine-tune ongoing launch activities.