Pricing & Reimbursement 


The pricing and reimbursement decisions are becoming even more complex in the current healthcare environment.

At Medialis, we use our broad experience and network with key influencers at European and international level to support our clients, with tools and evidence to make the right decisions, to ensure the success of their products.


Case study:

EU: Pharmaceuticals pricing and reimbursement policies in Europe

EU is a major economic area:

• Market value: €163b (€120b publically funded)

• 700,000 persons employed

• An important burden for European countries budgets

• Countries spend 1.4% of their GDP on pharmaceuticals

• Important variation among countries

EU countries do a rational selection of medicines funded out of public sources via:

• Positive lists ( = formulary):

• Definition: List of medicines that may be prescribed at the expense of the third party payer

• Practice: In 24 EU Member States (excluding DE, EL, ES, UK) - in the out-patient sector

• Additionally, hospital pharmaceutical formularies


Based on WHOCC 10/2016



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