Innovation: Asset selection and configuration


A Medialis ‘Asset’ is essentially a new, discrete, piece of key evidence.

Each asset will culminate in a publication in a high impact factor peer reviewed journal.

There are a number of types ‘assets’ that can be generated from a Strategic Manuscript to a Disease Severity Score.

Medialis will be able to select the appropriate type of asset and configure it to substantiate its Statement

Medialis Is Not ‘Just Another Agency’.

There Are Already Many Very Good Creative And Medical Education Agencies That Service The Pharmaceutical Industry. However, These Tend To Be One Dimensional And Reactive. Essentially, They Respond To The Question From The Brand Team:

‘I Need This, Can You Do It?’

The Answer Is Usually ‘Yes’ Which Is Followed By A Detailed Proposal.

Medialis Answers A Different Type Of Question -          Many Pharma Companies Ask:

‘I Need To Communicate Several Aspects Of My Brand This Year. We Have Our Critical Success Factors. How Do I Meet Them, And Can You Do This For Me?’

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